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How We Work With You

SE Health has an incredible track record of working effectively with hospitals to deliver efficient and highly effective home care. We developed our services and solutions through a process of system assessment, service design, and service delivery.

SE Health is excited to be paving the way for smoother transitions between hospital and home. As a leader in integrated community-based models and bundled care, we work collaboratively with partners across the country to reduce patient readmissions, visits to the emergency department and in-hospital recovery time, while improving patient outcomes and satisfaction.

System Assessment

Working with our partners to assess their unique circumstances, needs, and opportunities for system improvement and innovation.

The Assessment:

  • Identifies the unique needs of patient populations; and Identifies gaps and opportunities;

Service Design

Collaborating to design and develop new solutions. Our development process utilizes:

  • Collaboration with patients and practitioners;
  • SE Health's Clinical expertise and experience in developing solutions for home and community care; and
  • Grounding in evidence-based best practices.

Program Delivery – Services

Our services are customized to match the needs of individual patient groups. Our services are enhanced by:

  • Experienced clinical professionals, trained in inter-professional care models;
  • On-demand support, providing patients rapid access to care;
  • Virtual care, communication, remote patient monitoring; and
  • Resources & support for family caregivers.

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